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Chrysodalia has been with Track Smart since the very early days of its journey back in 2008. In line with the development of the role of fleet management, initially, it was simply used to double-check routes were followed as planned and to keep a historic record of said routes. Some basic reporting was also experimented with but this was still a new concept at that time so was not common practice.

In the years which followed Track Smarts technology developed rapidly and proactively to meet the increasing significance of the fleet managers role within organisations such as Chrysodalia.

Client Goals

Client Benefits

One of the large benefits is the centralisation of each vehicle’s historic records and data. This information is not limited to GPS history, but also maintenance history such as last service, tyre change, oil change etc. The Track Smart platform will send an automated email reminder when a maintenance check is next due. Additionally, any extra work or faults a vehicle may have shown can be described in the notes section.

Without Track Smart, a fleet manager would have to request a specific vehicle’s historic record from the headquarters which would take time and waste human resources to carry out this process. There is also the risk of human error should a maintenance check be forgotten as there would be the need for an individual to go through each vehicle’s record and keep a note in a calendar for when each check is needed.

When a vehicle becomes faulty, the notes section for any previous work could also justify the said fault so time and resources are not wasted trying to identify the cause of a vehicle problem.

Stationery trucks for distribution

Another benefit that became apparent was the further improvement of the auditor-supplier relationship. Chrysodalia found that auditors could certify the company even easier when they provided temperature along route historic records.

A specific example was during an inspection in 2018 from VRC, being conducted for the purpose of transporting goods for export, the detailed Track Smart system was viewed as a great positive and an additional reason to grant Chrysodalia the well earnt certification. In particular its ability to calibrate the temperature sensors over the air!

Inside a food distribution truck
"Track Smart offers practical solutions for improving and simplifying day to day fleet management processes. Wherever we had specific requests, Track Smart came through and met our needs. From assisting with customising temperature settings to pure customer support. Track Smart has always come through for us and we are very satisfied with the service we received!”
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Mr Dimitris Papaloizou
Head of Sales and Marketing

All in all, another very satisfied loyal customer who was able to stay ahead of the competition and continuously improve its quality with the help of Track Smart Telematics. 

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