Tracker smarter, track simpler

Using data to reduce Fleet costs

A number of the Track Smart software features gives its users the power to reduce fleet costs. The state-of-the-art hardware provides the platform with important data to analyse identifying important metrics for your business.

Fuel management

Fuel Monitoring

Take control of your fuel. Track Smart’s tracking devices constantly monitor fuel consumption, allowing fleet managers to identify which vehicles are consuming more fuel.

In a study carried out in 2019, a client of Track Smart identified a truck which had 200% higher running costs than the rest of the fleet. They replaced it and began making fuel and maintenance savings immediately.

Driver Behaviour
It has been proven that by improving driver behaviour their fuel consumption can reduce by liters per 100km. Incentives through “Good Driver Behaviour Schemes” are one way to encourage desirable driving habits which in turn lead to reduced fuel consumption. Reduced fuel consumption translates to good news for both company finances and the environment.
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