Tracker smarter, track simpler

Protecting Your Investment

Track Smart Telematics can help you achieve peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is securely fitted with anti-theft tools. Read below to learn the main reasons every car owner should consider tracking their vehicle.

The main reasons every car owner should consider tracking their vehicle:

Low investment

It’s a particular low investment to get a GPS vehicle tracker. From an initial cost of just €6.25 a month, an active GPS tracker is a very low investment in comparison to the cost of your vehicle. They’re small, light and connect seamlessly with our software, providing real-time tracking data. Imagine the cost of trying to recover your vehicle after being stolen, with no information on where it could have been taken.

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Data, data and more data

With our Track Smart mobile application, you can track your asset(s) in real-time. If you’re a fleet customer, you can benefit from more in-depth analytics such as fuel management, route tracking, traffic information and more. We use technology for our customers’ advantage.

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Peace of mind

Cyprus is changing. Car theft is on the rise. Given the presence of the unmonitored occupied side of the island, car recovery is extremely challenging, if not impossible.
A GPS tracker will assist in the recovery of a stolen asset. Real-time tracking means you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is safe.

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