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Driver Safety and efficiency

With your fleet operator in direct communication with drivers, learn how Track Smart Telematics can assist in increasing the efficiency of your fleet.

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Hundreds of fleet operators around Cyprus use Track Smart Telematics to optimise operations and reduce risk every time a vehicle is used. Track Smart features an alert system that can notify the driver if they are exceeding speed limits.

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Routing & traffic

Track Smart recognizes time as one of the most important factors for good customer service. The Route Optimisation (RO) option, therefore, allows you to always choose the most efficient route, keeping transport time to the absolute minimum.

Through route optimisation, fuel consumption is reduced. Saving our customers money and our planet carbon emissions.
Improved efficiency of fleet maintenance also means you are less likely to experience unforeseen circumstances which could lead to unsatisfied customers.
Additionally, our in-house developed Fleet Management Solutions enable our customers to further improve their driver safety.

The reduction in fuel consumption, drive time and vehicle maintenance routines benefit our planet by reducing the strain on resources typically needed for fleets to function. As a result, your carbon emissions are driven down allowing you to meet CSR goals. 

Track Smart Telematics’ fleet management solutions help fleet operators to reduce their fuel consumption whilst minimising their fleet maintenance and operating costs. At the same time, our customers experience the benefit of boosted driver safety, through the effective vehicle and driver management made possible by our fleet management solutions.

Device screenshots of Track Smart technology
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