Live Fleet Tracking

Monitor your fleet vehicles location and status in real-time.

Device screenshots of Track Smart technology

Monitor and track your fleet’s performance with real-time tracking tools.

Our fleet tracking hardware allows you to keep track of vehicles across your fleet, measuring various metrics from fuel consumption to safe driving. 

Here are just a few examples of the data you can track using Track Smart: 

Complete your fleet and start saving today.


Take Full Control

Monitor a vehicle's distance travelled. Is it running the correct route? Make sure it's in the right location with real-time GPS coordinate updates, which you can view on your computer screen or mobile device.

Optimize Routes

You can create the most efficient route for your drivers, and send the route to your drivers with the click of a button.

Analyse & Improve

When the day, week or month is over, you'll want to analyse how your fleet performed. You can generate and export a wide range of preset data sheets or speak directly with us to extract the data you need.

Safe Driving

Encourage an overall stronger customer experience by making sure your drivers are respecting road laws, keeping your vehicles in good shape and most importantly keeping your drivers safe.

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