Cyprus Ambulance Service and Track Smart case study

National Health Service

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Track Smart Telematics is assisting the National Ambulance Service to monitor and coordinate their emergency units around Cyprus (Since 2012).

The National Health Service needed a way to know where its ambulances are located at any time, to make better operational decisions, and keep response times low, which could ultimately save lives.

Client Goals

Today, Track Smart Telematics features have unlocked new operational capabilities to the general hospitals around Cyprus.

Our Fleet Management package is now being used by all employees of the ambulance services coordination centre, for both coordinating and navigating its fleet nationwide.

Client Benefits

Track Smart Telematics allows all ambulance units to be clearly plotted on an island-wide map, which the team have installed onto an array of screens for instant access.

National Ambulance Services using Track Smart technology in their operations centre

The system can also improve certain scenarios where multiple incidents have been called in.

As shown in the diagram, whilst an ambulance is returning from a callout, it may be re-routed to respond to another call. This would save another ambulance needing to leave the hospital, ultimately maximising its efficiency, whilst allowing more ambulances to remain on call at the hospital. In such an instance, Track Smart enables the dynamic coordination of the ambulance fleet.

“The Track Smart GPS tracking service is perhaps the single most powerful tool we use on a daily basis for operating our ambulances nationwide!”
Cyprus Ambulance Service logo
Mr Odyseas Loizides
Deputy Head of the Ambulances Services Coordination Dept

Track Smart Telematics has become a solid and reliable tool for the National Ambulance Service. Our tools have empowered the team to maximise efficiency, minimise response times, and monitor everything in real-time.

Upon installation of our services, the response time has been reduced by as much as 45 minutes.

Being the earliest telematics company in Cyprus, we were thrilled to be able to connect with the operational team behind the national ambulance service and meet our vision of improving the efficiency of national services across the island.

The Cyprus community lies at the core of Track Smart.
We are proud to be providing a solution to the everyday difficulties faced by the coordinators of the ambulance services in Cyprus and contribute to saving lives.