What Does The Track Smart System Look Like?

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Track Smart Telematics provides a variety of solutions.

The tracking system is a physical communication device, which features a wireless network adaptor. The device connects with Internet-based location services, providing near real-time asset tracking and fleet management tools for all of your company’s vehicles, fleets, mobile and fixed assets.

The powerful combination of proven technologies includes GPS (Global Positioning System) and an easy-to-use, web-based location mapping interface. Fleet managers may track and locate a vehicle’s present position, see the vehicle’s historical path, and monitor its speed and direction.

The system can be extended to allow for notifications of excessive speeds, a vehicle leaving constraint regions or even triggered alarms.

Fleet managers can choose from numerous print-ready reports, including vehicle event logs, engine hours, idle time and customer stop reports.

There are countless benefits to deploying a tracking system. These include improved end-customer service, increased productivity through better vehicle scheduling, plus enhanced driver safety and asset protection.

Track Smart is dependable and affordably priced, and the system will help your company improve customer service, safeguard drivers, monitor asset usage and increase productivity.

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